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Move-In Connect will take the hassle out of finding the best internet plan for your new home or business PLUS we will make all the arrangements to connect broadband to your home so it is up and running on moving day, and it’s all 100% FREE!

To move your internet connection, including broadband, mobile, and NBN plans, simply call our team on 1300 786 045 or enter your details below. In one quick phone call, we can move and connect broadband, electricity, gas, Pay TV, solar, and even book your removalists and cleaners, so there will be no downtime waiting for your new connections on moving day.

Stop paying more than you need to for your internet! Get started today.

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HOW TO Connect Broadband When Moving?

We’ve made moving broadband as simple as possible for you in Australia. You can get an affordable broadband connection in just 4 simple steps


Enter the postcode of the suburb you are moving to.


Choose what utilities you would like to connect.


Fill in your basic details.


Sit back, relax and let us take care of the moving process.

Our Moving Services

We offer a wide range of options for moving utilities services that make moving into your new property as convenient as possible. Connect electricity, gas, internet, connect NBN, 5G, mobile phone, insurance, Pay TV, solar, truck hire and after-lease cleaning services.

More About Broadband Connections 

Broadband refers to various high-capacity transmission technologies that transmit data, voice, and video across long distances and at high speeds. Common mediums of transmission include coaxial cables, fiber optic cables, and radio waves. To enjoy everything the internet has to offer, including high speeds and unlimited data, contact Move In Connect to connect broadband to your new home.

Important Information About Connecting Broadband when moving

We are 100% fair to our customers. You must be aware of the following information when using our services to move and connect broadband.

  • Ensure there is Broadband in your area by using the address checker. Most of Australia as of 2021 is fully covered by Broadband, but there are still some remote and hard-to-access areas that are not fully covered.
  • If your Internet for whatever reason hasn’t been connected to your premises in the time that we have told you, please contact us or your Broadband Provider e.g, Optus, Belong, Telstra, My republic, Aussie Broadband, TPG, etc for an update on moving broadband to your new address.
  • Ensure that you have taken out the right broadband deal for your budget and lifestyle requirements. Compare broadband costs and other internet plans before making a final decision.
  • In the event of an internet outage in your area, your internet provider must be informed. They need to look into this, not us.
  • You must provide us with all the correct details- street address, move-in date. Failure to do so will result in delays and issues with connecting your Internet.
  • Ensure you have taken care of any outstanding bills as Failure to do could result in your internet connection request being denied.


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