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If you’re looking to get your new home electricity setup without the hassle, then you’re in the right place! Move-In Connect will compare electricity plans to find you a great deal from our panel of preferred providers PLUS arrange to move your utilities to your new home or business, and it’s all 100% FREE!

To make moving utilities a breeze, simply call our team on 1300 786 045 or enter your details below to connect electricity online. In one quick phone call, we can arrange your new electricity plan, solar, gas, internet, Pay TV and even book your removalists and cleaners, so everything is taken care of in time for moving day.

Make this moving day the easiest one yet! Contact the experts today by calling us on 1300 786 045!

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Moving electricity connection: Enter the postcode of the suburb for your new electricity connection.

2. Choose Your Plan

Choose what utilities you would like to connect. We can arrange a new electricity plan, gas, internet, Pay TV and removalists.

3. Enter Your Details

Fill in your basic details.

4. Move House, Headache Free!

Sit back, relax and let us take care of moving home electricity, gas and Pay TV for you.

Our Moving Services

We offer a wide range of options for moving utilities services that make moving into your new property as convenient as possible. Connect electricity, gas, internet, connect NBN, 5G, mobile phone, insurance, Pay TV, solar, truck hire and after-lease cleaning services.

Why choose Move-In Connect for your move?

Our 100% free moving services do so much more than just moving electricity connections. Our team also offers comparison services, so that whether you are a new or existing customer, we can compare electricity plans and find a cheaper one for you from our panel of preferred providers.Read More…Read Less…

Can I choose which electricity providers I use for connecting electricity to new house?

In Australia, you must live in a deregulated energy market to be able to choose your electricity provider. We can help residents of New South Wales, South-East Queensland, ACT, South Australia, Tasmania, and Victoria moving home electricity.

In other regions, your electricity will be supplied at a subsidized rate from the government-nominated provider.Read More…Read Less…


Moving electricity connections with Move-In Connect is easy. To get started, simply call us on 1300 786 045 or enter your details to connect electricity online and one of our experts will give you a call to discuss your new electricity plan.

Some of the great benefits of connecting with us are:

  • 100% FREE

We are paid a commission from the retailer you choose after you make the switch, so it will never cost you a cent.

  • Unbiased advice from electricity experts

We have independently chosen our suppliers from some of Australia’s leading electricity companies based on cost, customer service and quality. We are independently owned and not affiliated with any energy companies, so you can rest assured that our recommendations have not been swayed by any commercial agreements.

  • Fast and stress-free

Not having enough time to shop around is one of the main reasons that people stay with their current provider, but it can cost you hundreds of dollars every year. But with Move-In Connect, all it takes is one easy phone call, instead of days of trawling through offers on individual websites. 

  • Great value

The best value for your electricity bill comes from more than just low rates. We will compare rates and tariffs, including off-peak and solar feed-in, discounts, rewards, flexible contracts and exit fees to make sure you get great value for the life of your plan.

  • Obligation-free

We will give you our best recommendation and all the information you need to make an informed decision, but it’s up to you to decide if you want to make the switch.

  • Peace of mind with Our Guarantee

We take your needs very seriously and will always strive to find you the best plan from our providers and get you connected on time. It’s our guarantee.

Normal connection times are between 2 to 3 business days, but you should give your new provider at least 5 business days’ notice to avoid delays. Call Move-In Connect immediately if you need a same-day connection.

It could take longer if you are moving to a new build or development. Read more about connection timelines here: How long does it take to connect electricity to my new home?

We have carefully selected a panel of some of Australia’s leading retailers so we can match you with a plan that suits your needs.

Our panel includes:

  • EnergyAustralia
  • ActewAGL
  • Covau
  • Tango Energy
  • Blue NRG
  • Energy Locals

You will need to supply proof of identification and proof of address to set up an account with a new electricity provider.

As part of our free service, our experts will help you verify your documents and connect electricity online to make the process simple and stress-free.

If you need a new meter installed, you will need to work with your builder or electrician to submit a Request for Work to the relevant distributor to arrange connecting electricity to new house.

The cost of setting up electricity in your new home depends on the distribution area you are moving to, the retailer you choose and if you are moving to an existing home or a new build. 

Read more about the charges here: Fees for connecting electricity to new house.

Yes, as well as arranging to connect electricity, Move-In Connect will compare electricity plans from our panel of preferred suppliers to find you the best deal. Simply enter your details to connect electricity online or call us at 1300 786 045 to get started.

When you use our free comparison service, you will get tailored advice from our electricity experts. We will compare every aspect of the plans available in your area to find you the perfect match from our providers.

  • Information about your electricity

The more information you give us, the better we can match you with the right plan. We will ask you about the size of your new home, how many people live there, if you work from home, if you have solar panels, if you have electric hot water and if you have any extra requirements such as a swimming pool. If you have any other specific requirements, such as green energy, let our team know so we can find you a great plan.

  • Information about electricity plans

There’s so much more to comparing plans than simply looking for low rates. We will consider every aspect of the plans available to you, including rates and tariffs, bundles, discounts, special offers, rewards and customer service.

Read more here: Compare electricity plans the easy way

To compare and switch providers, you must live in a deregulated electricity region. You can choose your own Victoria electricity connection, New South Wales, South-East Queensland, ACT, South Australia and Tasmania.

There are several approaches you can take to moving home electricity. The easiest option is to call Move-In Connect and we can find you a great deal on your new electricity plan from our panel of preferred suppliers and arrange the electricity connection for new house as part of our free service. 

Alternatively, you can contact an electricity retailer directly, or talk to your property manager or builder for recommendations about moving electricity connections to a new provider.

When moving electricity connections to a new home, you may be able to keep your current electricity providers if they offer services in your new area. However, moving home is a great time to compare electricity plans available on the market. Your current plan might not be the cheapest deal for your new home, so we recommend comparing providers before you commit to a new contract.

Moving electricity connections with Move-In Connect is 100% free. Our team will compare electricity plans from our panel of providers and recommend the best deal for your new home (even if it’s your current provider!)

You should contact your current energy provider to arrange a disconnection date for the day after you plan to move out. This will avoid paying any extra electricity or gas charges for days when you are no longer living in the property.

On the disconnection date, your current provider will take a meter reading to supply you with a final bill. It’s a good idea to also take a meter reading yourself when moving home electricity, in case any discrepancies on your bill arise.

There are three types of electricity meters for residential and small business customers connected to the National Electricity Market (NEM):

  • Basic. There are two types of basic meters – accumulation meters that measure the total amount of electricity used over a period of time and Time of Use (ToU) meters that record usage within specific periods. The majority of customers are connected by a basic meter.
  • Interval Time of Use (ToU). Interval ToU meters are more advanced than the basic meter and can record the amount of electricity used in 30-minute intervals. This means you can take advantage of plans with off-peak energy rates.
  • Smart Meters, also known as Advanced Meters (AMI). These are the most advanced meters and record energy usage in real time.

You can find out which meter type you have in your home or business by taking a look at your electricity bill. If you’re still not sure, give Move-In Connect a call and we will help you determine your meter type.

If you are moving home electricity, make sure you ask your real estate agent or vendors to show you where the electricity meter is located. If you are moving into a rental, you can ask your real estate agent or landlord.

A National Meter Identifier (NMI) is a unique identifier for your electricity meter. To identify your NMI, look for a 10 or 11-digit number on your bill. If you are in Queensland, it might be prefixed with two letters.

Find out more here: How to take a meter reading when moving electricity and gas.

When the technician completes an electricity connection for new house, the meter needs to be in the off position for a successful connection. If your meter is left in the on position, there is a risk that your power will fail to connect.

You can change and upgrade your meter type by contacting your electricity distributor. Upgrading your meter to a smart meter means you can access cheaper off-peak rates from your electricity provider, which can lead to big savings.

If you live in Victoria, you should have already upgraded to a smart meter as they have been made compulsory in the state. When you compare electricity plans, make sure you look at the off-peak rates to maximise the savings from your meter.

Main switches can be found in the meter box and secondary switches can be found inside your property. The main switch controls all the electric supply going into your home.

Most of the time your main electricity switch is located inside your property which means it will be inaccessible by the technician turning on your power.

In cases where the main switch is accessible by the technician, they will not turn the main switch as a safety precaution, as they cannot ensure that all of your appliances are switched off before turning on the main switch.

Electricity distributors regulate the visual safety inspection process and timeframes are dependent on the availability of technicians in your area.

You are only required to be at home if the power has been disconnected. In this case, if no one can attend a visual inspection between the hours of either 8am – 1pm or 1pm – 6pm, keys to your property can be left in the meter box as a last resort if the property is completely vacant.

If you have lodged a request for an electricity connection same day, your connection will occur any time between when your request was confirmed and midnight. 

You should be aware that there are often fees payable for same day power connections. These “electricity connection same day” fees vary between providers, but can be as high as $400.

Most retailers charge a fee for a same day power connection due to the extra work involved in completing an electricity connection same day.

The “electricity connection same day” fee can be as much as $400.

An embedded network is a privately owned and managed network that supplies electricity to all premises within a specific area or building. Embedded networks are commonly found in apartment complexes, caravan parks, nursing homes and shopping centres. Mostly new apartments and commercial buildings in the CBD of Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane are embedded in networks.

They work by buying electricity in bulk from a retailer and on-selling it to customers. If you are moving electricity connections into a new apartment building, please check with a Move-In Connect expert to find out if you will be part of an embedded network.

We can also help you connect to super-fast 4G and 5G Optus wireless broadband for your internet needs, instead of relying on the building’s slow internet.

If you are running life support equipment in your property, it is important that you notify Move-In Connect and your energy retailer.

Your retailer will make arrangements for your home so that there is no interruption to the power supply of your life support equipment in the event of a power outage.

After you notify your provider of your move-out date, they will issue a final statement and the electricity will be transferred into the name of the new resident.

You need to check the terms of your lease agreement if you are renting. In some cases, electricity is included in your rent, so you do not need to arrange an electricity plan. In other cases, you will be responsible for connecting electricity to your rental home.

Read more here: How do I connect electricity and gas in my new rental?

Yes! Talk to a Move-In Connect expert about the latest solar rebates and offers to get solar power connected to your new home.

To decide if solar is right for you you need to consider several factors.

  • The upfront costs – initially your savings will be reduced while you pay off your solar system.
  • The size of the system you need – is it possible to power your energy consumption with solar?
  • How much energy you use during the day vs night – will you need a battery to make solar panels worthwhile?
  • The climate – so you live in an area where solar generation will be optimised?
  • The feasibility of installing panels in a prime location on your property.

Our panel of electricity providers have a great range of solar energy plans, including high solar feed-in tariffs (FiTs) so you can earn money from the excess energy you generate.

If you are moving into a new development, you might need to arrange new poles and pipes and a new electricity meter. This can take up to 4 weeks, so make sure you start planning in plenty of time. 

Read more here: Important information to connect electricity. 


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