Our Guarantee

We do things differently at Move-In Connect

Move-In Connect helps people right across Australia connect their utilities when they move into a new property (Home or business). Our satisfaction comes from giving customers a choice to set up an account from the cheapest provider from our panel for Electricity, Gas, Phone, Internet, Removalist, and other utility suppliers. This means customers have essential services like power on from the minute they step into their new property.

We all need our new homes and businesses to have the essentials like Electricity and NBN on the day we move in. It can take 2-3 days on average to get Electricity and Gas connected if it is not an urgent connection. Urgent connections can be done in a day, but usually require 24 hours’ notice. Broadband and NBN can take between 5-14 days to get connected. So, to help you with moving home and help with moving business, our team have made the process as easy as possible.

Our Guarantee

Move-In Connect takes your move-in date very seriously. We strive to have your utilities connected by the agreed date, with no unpleasant surprises when you move into your new premises. Please remember to do your part as well in ensuring a hassle-free move by doing things like obtaining your NMI for electricity and MIRN number for gas. Don’t worry – we’ll talk you through it all when you call!

Connect your NBN - Connect your gas | Compare electricity plans when moving

How Much Notice Is Needed?

We recommend you start planning your connection date 14 days prior to your move. This will give us ample time to get your utility connections, such as electricity, gas, internet and Pay TV ready to go. However, in most cases, you can get your power on without additional charges by submitting your request to Move-In Connect before 11:30 am on the business day before moving. If you require an urgent next day connection – please call immediately on 1300 786 045.

How To Connect Electricity To Your New Home?

You could spend valuable time finding a quality provider, making phone calls, waiting in phone queues; alternatively, Move-In Connect can do the hard work for you. We are a free service, and as well as arranging your connection, our team will compare plans and providers to make sure you get the best deal to suit your needs

All It Takes Is 3 Simple Steps.

1. Enter your postcode into our online moving tool

2. Choose the supplier and plan that suits you best.

3. Provide us your details and we arrange the connection for you

How Does It Work?

Once we have your details, we will give you a call to arrange your utility connections date, it’s as simple as that! By using Move-In Connect, not only do you avoid the hassle of arranging connections with individual suppliers, but we will also compare plans and service providers to make sure you get the best possible deal.

Move-In Connect is 100% free. Call us Monday to Friday 11:00 am till 8:00 pm on 1300 786 045.

Get Connected

To make sure your move goes smoothly, we will ask for some details including your street address and move-in date.

If we cannot find your property address on our system, you may have to confirm your NMI for Electricity and MIRN for your gas from the Real-estate agent. It happens rarely. However, it is advisable to confirm all these details with your real estate when you sign your lease or your property management company.

Why Us?

Move-In Connect is powered by Cheap Bills Pty Ltd. Cheap Bills was established in 2013 as a comparison company and works with a range of providers to find the best deals for electricity, gas, internet and Pay-TV. You can visit cheap bills at www.cheapbills.com.au

In total, we have helped over 200,000 Australians with their utilities. We value our customer feedback. Check our 4.5-star view on google and trust pivot for outstanding customer services. Rest assured, your saving is our priority.

Give us a call on 1300 786 045. Get connected.