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When it comes to moving to a new home or business, you want to ensure you have high speed and reliable 4G or 5G internet from the day you arrive. This isn’t always as straight forward as it sounds – finding the best service at the best price can be time consuming and there are often unforeseen delays. To save time and effort, let Move-in Connect take care of it for you.

Plus, as an Australian utility connection service, we can arrange to connect your electricity, gas, Pay TV and NBN at the same time, for free! We can even book your movers and cleaners – moving day has never been so easy!


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Moving electricity connection: Enter the postcode of the suburb for your new electricity connection.

2. Choose Your Plan

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4. Move House, Headache Free!

Sit back, relax and let us take care of the moving process.

Our Moving Services

We offer a wide range of options for moving utilities services that make moving into your new property as convenient as possible. Connect electricity, gas, internet, connect NBN, 5G, mobile phone, insurance, Pay TV, solar, truck hire and after-lease cleaning services.

Important Information About Connecting Your Internet

You must be aware of the following information when using our services to move and connect to the Internet.

  • If your internet hasn’t been connected to your premises by the specified time, please contact your Broadband Provider e..g Optus, Belong, Telstra, My republic, Aussie Broadband, TPG Etc
  • Ensure that you have taken out the right internet deal for your budget and lifestyle requirements. Compare 4G and 5G broadband plans and other internet deals, such as NBN plans, before making a final decision.
  • In the event of an internet outage in your area, your internet provider must be informed. They need to look into this, not us.
  • You must provide us with all the correct details- street address, move-in date. Failure to do so will result in delays and issues with connecting your Internet.
  • Ensure you have taken care of any outstanding bills as failure to do so could result in your internet connection request being denied.

FAQs about 4G and 5G

5G (fifth generation) is the successor of the 4G network. 5G delivers faster speeds and can handle more simultaneous connections than 4G, reducing lag caused by network congestion.

Because it’s new and improved, many people wonder is 5G cheaper than 4G? 5G is more expensive than 4G. This is due to the new technology used by 5G, and the superior service offered. As 5G becomes more widely adopted, the price will likely decrease.

4G can reach speeds of around 25Mbps. In comparison, a 5G link offers uncapped download speeds, with the typical peak time speed averaging 210Mbps.

5G is available in areas of major cities and towns including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Hobart, Launceston, the Gold Coast and Toowoomba.

The rollout is still underway and 5G is likely to be available in more areas soon. You can check if 5G is available in your area by calling Move-In Connect on 1300 786 045

The new technology used by the 5G network makes it more reliable than 4G. 5G users will experience fewer dropped connections and can connect multiple devices to the network without impacting speed. When it comes to reliability, there is no contest between 4G vs 5G Australia.

No, 5G will not work on a 4G phone. However, if you have a 5G phone you will be able to access both the 4G and 5G networks, so this is worth considering if you are buying a new mobile.

Eventually, as with all old technologies, 4G will likely be retired. However, there is no date set for the 4G network to be turned off, and while 5G is still not available in all areas, it is unlikely that it will completely replace 4G any time soon.

5G has been banned in some areas of Switzerland amid concerns that China can use certain security loopholes for spy activity. The Australian government has not identified any risks to Australian users, so when you’re moving house internet, 5G is a great option for superfast speeds.


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