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What services does CovaU Energy offer?

CovaU offers the following services to customers in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and the ACT.

  • Residential electricity plans
  • Solar-friendly options
  • Gas plans
  • Business plans
  • GreenPower plans (CovaU Green Energy Product)

Moving house with CovaU

If you are moving home, choosing a CovaU plan can help take the stress out of arranging your new power connection, with same-day approvals and next-business-day reconnections.

If you sign up online before 1 pm, your new home can be connected the very next business day. Urgent, same-day connections can also be arranged, however, charges may apply.

This offer is not available in all areas – check with the Move-In Connect team for information about the services available where you live.

Compare CovaU residential energy plans

CovaU has a range of plans so you can choose the one that will suit the way you use energy in your home. Not all plans are available in all areas, so talk to a Move-In Connect expert about the options available at your new address.

  • CovaU Basics – standing offer with electricity rates equivalent to the reference price and no contracts or exit fees.
  • Super Saver – save on your bills with discounted electricity rates plus no contracts or no exit fees.
  • Freedom – a flexible plan featuring discounted electricity rates, no contracts and no exit fees.

CovaU also offers a range of tariffs that can be accessed in conjunction with these plans, including Each tariff for peak consumption, controlled load and solar feed-in (FiT). Our experts can help you understand which tariffs will help you save money on your bills, based on your unique energy usage requirements in your new home.

 Smart meter installation

Having a smart meter installed in your home can unlock big savings on your energy bills. While basic metres measure your energy usage for the purpose of billing, they rely on a technician coming to manually read your meter for accuracy, and can often mean you are required to pay estimated bills.

Smart metres, on the other hand, send all of their data back to CovaU automatically, so you will always be billed accurately, plus the detailed information means you can benefit from Time-Of-Use (ToU) tariffs with low off-peak rates.

When you move home, CovaU can arrange a smart meter upgrade at your new property so you can enjoy cheaper electricity rates and accurate billing.

CovaU small businesses energy plans

If you are a small business owner, then you know the importance of keeping your costs low. CovaU has a range of initiatives to support small business owners so you can be sure you are using your energy wisely.

  • Dedicated account manager to help you every step of the way
  • Tailored advice on energy tracking and meter upgrades
  • Multi-site management support if you are moving or expanding your business
  • Customised energy solutions including solar energy plans

In addition, CovaU is a member of the Business Renewables Centre Australia (BRC), which means they can help your business achieve net zero emissions through Purchase Power Agreements (PAAs). To find out more, call Move-In Connect on 1300 786 045.

Does CovaU have a rewards program?

CovaU has one of the most comprehensive rewards programs in Australia, with over 4,500 participating businesses. Every residential or business plan gains you access to CovaU rewards.

Rewards cover leading brands for shopping, travel, entertainment, dining, cinema tickets and much more. Some of the most popular and well-known brands include Coles, Woolworths, KFC, Emirates, Crown Hotels, Seed, Rebel, Sephora, The Iconic, Priceline Pharmacy, Gelatissomo and Red Balloon.

 How can I contact CovaU?

There are plenty of ways to contact the team at CovaU. To talk to an agent, call General Enquiries on 1300 689 866 24/7. CovaU has plenty of 5-star reviews and even won the 2022-2023 award for Energy Providers because of their exceptional service. You can chat with them online, email, or use the WeChat channel for help at any time of day or night.

If you need customer support to help with your move, you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that phone and online support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can always access real help when you need it.

How do I know if CovaU is a good energy provider?

As well as their award-winning customer service, CovaU are year-on-year winners of the Mozo Experts Energy Choice Awards for best energy provider. They are also one of the highest-rated energy companies in Australia with over 4 stars on both Google and Product Review from their happy customers.

How do I switch to CovaU?

If you are interested in switching to CovaU call Move-In Connect on 1300 786 045 or enter your details online. One of our experts will compare energy plans and bundles to find a rate and tariff that meets your unique energy needs at your home or business. 

Electricity Suppliers with Move-In ConnectIf you are moving house, we’ll make sure your new house is connected in time for moving day to take the hassle out of moving home. 

Simply follow the steps below.

  1. Contact one of our moving experts to compare energy plans for your new home by entering your details online or calling 1300 786 045.
  2. Discuss your unique energy needs.
  3. Receive our unbiased recommendations of plans from our panel of energy suppliers.
  4. If you like what you see we’ll take care of all the arrangements to get you connected on moving day, 100% free of charge!
  5. You have a 10-day cooling-off period to review your new plan and make sure you are happy with your choice.
  6. Relax and enjoy your move!


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