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Company Overview 

Founded in 2009, Ovo expanded to Australia from the UK in 2020. Ovo is one of the largest independent energy suppliers in the UK. They have quickly cemented themselves as a critical player in the Australian energy market.

Customer Satisfaction 

Ovo is a customer service superstar, with high customer satisfaction. Ovo offers a range of resources and tools that help customers understand their energy usage. This lets customers make informed decisions and get the most out of their energy supplier.



Current Plans

Over Energy offers various energy plans for residential and business customers. Their gas and electricity plans cater to different user preferences.  


The One Plan 

The One Plan is Ovo Energy’s most popular plan for residential customers.  

It offers: 

  • Flexible energy rates—current energy costs are 29% less than the Victoria Default Offer 
  • Smart meters 
    • Allowing customers to track energy usage in real-time 
  • No transaction or exit fees 
  • 3% Ovo Interest Reward 

The One Plan is a fantastic option for customers looking to reduce their carbon footprint and save on energy bills.  


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Ovo’s Energy Plans:

Ovo’s energy plans give customers access to online monitoring systems and help functions.  But, beyond their comprehensive energy offers, why choose Ovo?  


Why Choose Ovo Energy? 

Ovo Energy is a competitive energy supplier; there are various reasons why Australians chose OVO. Here are just a few: 


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Contact Ovo 

For a free quote, visit their website: 

Or call 1300937686. 

Switch energy with Ovo. 

Move-In Connect can compare energy plans and arrange your new connection. Call 1300 786 045 or enter your details online. 

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