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We’re here to make your move as easy as possible by helping you organise your utilities, movers and cleaners in one easy phone call. With a recent change in tenancy law, connecting your water is the one thing you need to manage yourself, directly with the supplier or your real estate agent.

But we can take care of the rest! We can arrange your movers, cleaners, electricity, gas, internet and Pay TV, to make moving day a walk in the park!

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We offer a wide range of options for moving utilities services that makes moving into your new property as convenient as possible. Get electricity, gas, wireless home internet, NBN plans, mobile phone, insurance, Pay TV, solar, truck hire and after-lease cleaning services.

FAQs about Water Connection To New House

Unlike electricity and gas connections, the water and sewerage accounts are linked to the property title rather than the resident. This means the account automatically transfers to the new owner when the house is sold to provide a consistent water connection moving house experience. 

If you are a tenant, the owner of your property will be named on the water account and may charge you for your water usage, depending on the terms of your agreement.

Your water will be supplied by the local council or water corporation in your area, from the water grid. See the links below for more information.

If you are moving to an existing water connection new house services will already be working and the account will automatically be transferred to you when the house settles. If you are moving to a rental property, your landlord or real estate agent will arrange the water connection for you.

If you are moving to a newly built home, your builder will arrange a meter installation and you will need to notify your local council of a new connection so they can open an account for your property.

If you need a brand new water meter, or a repair or upgrade to your current meter, you should contact the water corporation that supplies your water. You can find their details on your latest water bill.

If you are renting, your water connection new house will be in the name of your landlord. If it is a separately metered property, you can be charged for your water usage, but the owner of the property will still be responsible for the supply charge. 

If your home is not separately metered, your water charges will be stated in your lease. You may be charged for a share of the water, or you may not be charged at all.

Make sure you ask your real estate agent or landlord about water charges before you sign your lease so you don’t end up with an unpleasant surprise.

The cost of a brand-new water connection depends on your location and the complexity of the work required. You should ask your builder to arrange a quote before beginning the work. You can expect to pay around $10,000 for the work, including the administration and application costs.

For a water connection moving house, there is usually no cost and the account will be transferred automatically into your name when the purchase settles.

For any issues with your water, such as a discrepancy on your bill or a water leak, you should contact your water provider. You can find their details on your latest bill.

For urgent or emergency issues, look for the relevant number on your account to get help as soon as possible.


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