How can a comparison service save on my electricity bills?
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How can I find cheap utilities for my new home? Compare electricity plans the easy way

If you are moving home, among the hundreds of things on your to-do list, you might have started to look for a new electricity connection in your area. Chances are you have also come across several comparison sites, offering to compare and connect your utilities for you.

So what exactly is a comparison service and can they really help to save you money? Well, in our opinion, yes! Move-In Connect is not just a moving service, we also save our customers hundreds of dollars a year on their electricity and gas bills, just by comparing providers and moving their home electricity to a cheaper plan.

On this page:

  • Advantages of a comparison service
  • How does a comparison service work?

Advantages of a comparison service

The best comparison services out there exist for one reason only – to find you a better deal on your bills. At Move-In Connect, we take the time and effort out of looking through each individual retailer, by recommending you a plan from our panel of providers that will save you money.

Some of the great advantages of using our service are:

  • 100% free comparison service

We only make money when we find you a great plan, and we’re paid a commission from the retailer you choose, so it will never cost you a cent.

  • Unbiased, expert advice

Our experts have put together a panel of preferred suppliers by comparing cost, customer service and quality to make sure you are only connected to the best. We understand that there is no one-size fits all approach to finding the best energy plan, so we will look at your unique needs to match you with the perfect solution.

We are not affiliated with any energy companies, and we are independently owned, so you can be sure that our recommendations have your best interests at heart.

  • Quick and easy

If you have ever tried to compare individual retailers by yourself, you probably know that it can take days to sort through all the plans on offer. In fact, running out of time is the number one reason people don’t switch providers, and it can cost you hundreds of dollars each year in missed savings.

Our moving utilities services can do it all in just one easy phone call. Not only will we find you the cheapest electricity and gas plans, but we’ll arrange the connection date for you as well.

  • Pay less

Unfortunately, finding the cheapest plan isn’t as easy as finding the cheapest rate. Depending on your usage habits, you can find plans with off-peak rates, solar plans, controlled load tariffs, sign-up credits and discounts that might work out cheaper for you in the long run.

A comparison service can do all this confusing research for you and match you with a plan that will maximise your savings.

  • Be in control

Our experts are here to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about your energy bills. Our service is completely obligation free, so it’s up to you if you decide to switch to one of our recommended retailers or not.

  • Get connected on time

At Move-In Connect, we’re not just a comparison service, we’re moving experts too! We will arrange for your new service to be connected on time, so you can focus on all the other tasks at hand on moving day.

How does a comparison service work?

There are no secrets here at Move-In Connect, in fact, we pride ourselves on being completely transparent! Our comparison tools work by simply comparing plans to find one that is the perfect match for you. The difference is, that our experts know exactly what to look for and we’ve already selected our preferred providers, so what could take you days to do by yourself, we can do it in a jiffy!

The first thing we will do is consider your energy usage habits. We will ask you about:

  • The size of your new home
  • How many people live there
  • Your energy mix – gas and electricity or just electricity?
  • Solar panels
  • The type of meter
  • The type of heating and cooling systems
  • The type of hot water system
  • Your special requirements, such as a swimming pool, electric vehicle or underfloor heating

With this knowledge, we will consider each of the below factors to match you with the cheapest electricity plan that will save you the most money.

Item Details Our favourite plan
Rates Peak rates are displayed as a percentage of the reference price. 

In addition, we will compare off-peak and controlled load tariffs, seasonal rates and solar feed-in tariffs (FiT) to suit your needs.

EnergyAustralia’s Solar Max plan with a high solar feed-in tariff of 10c/kWh.

Call CheapBills today on 1300 786 045 to get connected.

Discounts Discounts can be on the energy rate or your overall bill.

Some common discounts include reduced rates for new customers, pay-on-time or direct debit discounts or discounted rates during certain seasons.

Tango Energy’s Winter Warmer Plan with discounted gas rates for heating during winter.

Call CheapBills today on 1300 786 045 to get connected.

Bundles If you buy two or more services, such as electricity, gas, internet, home phone and Pay TV Australia, from the same provider, this is called a bundle and will usually be cheaper than using different providers. AGL gives customers up to $35 off NBN plans for the first six months when they also sign-up for (or have an existing) AGL energy plan.

Contact AGL to get connected.

Special Offers Special offers are always changing, so it can be hard to keep up to date. Our team always knows what’s on the market so you don’t miss out.

This can include sign-up credits, rewards points or limited-time offers.

You can earn Everyday Rewards points every time you pay your bill with the Origin Go plan.

Contact Origin to get connected.

Clean Energy Clean energy can be either energy that is carbon offset or energy from renewable sources. 

If clean energy is important to you, our team can help find you the best option.

ActewAGL’s eVolve plan with 4,000km of free electric car charging every year for customers in the Canberra region.

Contact CheapBills on 1300 786 045 to get connected.

Customer service Although it won’t save you money, it might save your sanity!

If exceptional customer service is high on your priority list, rest assured that we’ve only included the best in our panel of preferred suppliers.

Red Energy’s Australian-based customer service team has been winning awards since 2012!

Contact Red Energy to get connected.

Next steps

Now that you know you don’t have to do all the hard work alone, don’t wait another minute to start saving money on your utilities. Plus, as a full-service comparison and moving utilities services provider, we can find you a great deal on your NBN or 5G internet and Pay TV Australia as well as your new electricity and gas connection.

Our team is waiting for your call on 1300 786 045 or enter your details online.