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Moving home soon? Get Connected to Energy Australia

Moving into a new home can be an exciting and overwhelming experience. With multiple things to take care of, from packing and unpacking to setting up utilities, it’s easy to miss out on small tasks in between. When moving, you want to connect your new house to electricity and gas before starting with other smaller tasks. In Australia, Energy Australia, a tier-1 energy provider, has emerged as a popular energy provider choice for many households.

This article will discuss connecting to Energy Australia for electricity and gas in your new home.

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Check Availability

Before you start getting connected to Energy Australia for your electricity or gas, it is important to check if they provide services in your area. Although they provide services to majority of the areas all over Australia it still helps to check if your specific meter is eligible to get connected. You can contact Energy Australia by visiting If Energy Australia is unavailable in your area, you can get help from moving services such as Move-in Connect to look into other good options.

Choose a Plan

Energy Australia offers a variety of plans for electricity and gas services for setting up electricity and gas when moving homes.

Selecting the right plan for your family is an easy step to avoid overpaying for the same energy. Compare plans on their website or talk to a Move-in Connect consultant to find the best plan for your area. To contact Move-in Connect, simply call 1300786045.

Energy Australia offers several common plans tailored to meet diverse energy needs:

  • Flexi Plan:
    • The Flexi Plan boasts flexible variable energy rates without the hassle of lock-in contracts. It allows customers to adapt to their energy usage requirements without being tied down. This includes gas and electricity and is popular among Energy Australia users. 

Did you know?

When you sign up for variable energy rates, you can benefit from fluctuations in the energy market, such as the upcoming change in VDO/DMO in July. When wholesale energy prices decrease, customers on the Flexi Plan may see reductions in their energy bills, offering potential savings compared to fixed-rate plans.

  • Solar Max and Flexi Plan:
    • This plan is a good match for customers who plan to invest in sustainable energy solutions such as solar. Solar is becoming increasingly popular, and this plan offers an enhanced feed-in tariff. This incentivises users to generate their renewable energy through solar panels while still enjoying the flexibility of variable rates.
  • Rate Fix Plan:
    • With the Rate Fix Plan, customers can enjoy peace of mind by securing their energy rates for a 12-month period. Available for both gas and electricity, this plan provides stability and predictability in energy costs, shielding customers from fluctuations in the market.
  • Basic Home Plan:
    • Crafted to be simple and affordable, the Basic Home Plan is offers standing offer prices, providing a straightforward option for those seeking a no-frills approach to managing their energy expenses. As with all other plans it’s available for both electricity and gas. 

It’s important to note that while some plans may require customers to commit to a contract, others prioritize flexibility, allowing users to adjust their energy arrangements as needed.

Gather Necessary Information

Gather Necessary Information

Before signing up for Energy Australia, keeping all your necessary details handy is important to ease the process. This includes your details, such as your full name, contact information, and identification documents- you can go for a driver’s license or your Medicare card. You must also have to provide your new address and the date you want the services connected. It is also helpful to have your meter number on hand.

Submit an Application

Once you have all the necessary information and have chosen a plan, you can submit an application to connect to Energy Australia. This can be done online through their website or by calling their customer service number. You can also get a comprehensive solution via a moving company such as Move-in Connect to set up your gas, electricity, and internet connection for your home on a single call. Remember to use the free consultation call to get recommendations and get all your utilities sorted for your new home.

You have to provide all the information you have gathered and choose a date for the connection. To ensure a smooth transition, it is recommended that you submit your application at least a week before you move in.

Meter Reading and Connection

After your application has been processed, Energy Australia will schedule a meter reading and connection for your new home. This is usually done on the date you have chosen for the connection. A technician will come to your home to read the meter and connect your electricity and gas services. It is important to be present during this process to ensure everything is set up correctly.


Wait for Confirmation

After submitting your application, you will receive a confirmation from Energy Australia. This will include your account details, connection date, and any other important information. Remember to retain this confirmation for future reference.

Prepare for the Connection

It is important to prepare your new home for the electricity and gas connection before the scheduled connection date. This may include ensuring that all appliances and outlets are in working condition and accessible for the connection. Read the instructions given by Energy Australia to make sure that everything is in check. You may also need to be present during the connection process to provide access to the meter.

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Simply by following these steps, you can easily get connected to Energy Australia for electricity and gas services in your new home. Moving can be hectic, so remember to plan ahead and gather all necessary information to make the process smoother.

It is always helpful to use third-party assistance, such as Move-in Connect, to simplify the process and connect utilities when moving home. The best part is that it only takes 15 minutes. You can also ask questions to eliminate any confusion. Remember to ask about your electricity connection fee. Both that and your gas connection fee will depend on your preferred day of connection.


Besides Energy Australia, Move-in-Connect also works with several other energy retailers as partners to find the best match for users like you. This saves you the trouble of going door-to-door to individual retailers to compare plans for each utility when moving homes.


The retailers on our diverse panel include:

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