Top 6 Affordable Family-Friendly Suburbs in Australia (2023 Guide)
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Finding the Perfect Suburb in 2023: A Guide to the Best Australian Locations To Move House

Are you dreaming of a fresh start or planning to move to a new house in Australia? Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or just looking to relocate, finding the right suburb for you and your family to settle down comes with a lot of research and important things to consider. 

In this blog, we’ll take a look at the key considerations you should explore before moving home and look at 6 of the top suburbs that Australians are choosing in 2023. 

We’ll explore the importance of the local amenities, such as schools, healthcare facilities, and shopping centres, and we’ll also highlight the advantages of living in suburbs with well-established infrastructure.

Of course, employment opportunities are another big factor to consider. However, the rise of flexible, work-from-home jobs has given the housing market a shake-up in the last few years, with proximity to business centres falling in many house hunter’s priorities.

Keep reading to uncover 2023’s top Australian suburbs that offer the perfect blend of lifestyle and affordability and get the inspiration you need to make your house-moving dreams a reality with Move-In Connect!

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Suburb

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Suburb

Below are some of the things we consider most important to think about when you compare suburbs to move house.

Essential amenities

When it comes to choosing a suburb to move house and settle down, the proximity to essential amenities will play a big part in your new lifestyle. You need to think about whether or not you are happy to drive or if you want certain amenities within walking distance – it could mean the difference between a slow walk to school each day or a  mad dash through the morning traffic! 

Things you should think about include:

  • Schools (if you have young children, think long-term about secondary schools too)
  • Healthcare facilities, including doctors, hospitals, dentists and pharmacies
  • Grocery shops
  • Department stores and shopping centres
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Entertainment options such as cinemas, sporting facilities, playgrounds, libraries, or anything suitable for your family’s lifestyle

Employment opportunities

Thinking about your career and work-life balance is so important for your long-term happiness. These days, with more and more options to work from home, the possibilities are endless! If your job allows, you can say goodbye to those dreadful daily commutes and take your pick of almost any location. If this is the case, a fast internet connection may be important – look for suburbs with access to FTTP NBN plans or 5G internet so you don’t lose productivity due to a slow connection.

However, if you need to be close to your place of employment, you need to look for suburbs with thriving job markets or easy access to the CBD. This gives you the chance to enjoy your new home while giving you the opportunity for career growth and professional development. 

When you start searching for a suburb to move house, take a close look at the employment landscape so you can build a successful career while enjoying the comforts of your dream home. 

Housing affordability

Housing affordability

You probably don’t need us to tell you that housing affordability is a big factor in determining the suburb you move to. It’s no secret that major cities often come with steep property prices, making it a challenge to find a suitable home within your budget. 

When you look for a home you can “afford” you need to think about not just the sale price, but also your long-term financial capabilities and commitments. You should consider mortgage rates, repayment plans, and overall affordability to make sure your new home is a sustainable investment that won’t strain your finances.

Family and friends

In many cases, the plan to move house is driven by a desire to be closer to family and friends. From support with childcare to impromptu gatherings and Sunday barbecues, living near your tribe offers a sense of belonging and support that can’t be quantified.

In fact, research has shown that living near family and friends increases your overall satisfaction and well-being. The convenience of regular get-togethers, an emotional support system and the chance to create lasting memories together are invaluable.

Top Suburbs for Australian Families

Family at Bowling Center

While the best suburb for your family is a very personal choice, we’ve taken a tour of Australia and brought together our top choice for these states.

VICTORIA: Whittington

In the beautiful Geelong region of the state, Whittington is a great choice for affordable housing in a welcoming community. There are top education options for both schools and universities in the area, with Deakin University nearby. There are also plenty of family-friendly amenities such as parks, playgrounds and community programs.

Job opportunities in the area include manufacturing, health care, education and retail, and when you’re not at work you can enjoy some of Geelong’s best sights and attractions, such as the Eastern Beach Reserve, the National Wool Museum or the iconic Little Creatures Brewery.


Just an hour and forty minutes south of Sydney is the picturesque coastal town of Wollongong, the perfect spot to find the rare blend of location and affordability. With a population of around 312,000, the area has a more laid-back feel compared to the bustling capital city, but that doesn’t mean it lacks facilities!

The University of Wollongong has a prestigious reputation, and there is also a broad choice of primary and secondary schools offering quality education. There is also a diverse job market in industries including education, healthcare, manufacturing, and tourism.

And when it comes to leisure time, there’s something for everyone. You can enjoy stunning beaches, a picturesque coastline, and cultural attractions like the Wollongong Botanic Garden and Nan Tien Temple, to name but a few.


The Ipswich region has undergone a huge transformation in recent years. Just to the south of the city is the charming suburb of Churchill.

As well as relatively affordable housing compared to neighbouring suburbs, Churchill is perfect for families, with several schools close by,  including Ipswich Grammar School and St. Mary’s College. With a population of close to 250,000 people, there are plenty of job opportunities in a range of industries, as well as the option to make the 50-minute commute to Brisbane.

Residents and visitors to the area enjoy a whole host of activities, from exploring Queens Park to the always popular Workshops Rail Museum and much, much more.


You’ll find the suburb of Salisbury about 25 km north of Adelaide, offering a suburban lifestyle with access to plenty of family-friendly amenities as well as the business hub of the CBD. There are lots of affordable housing options in the area for the suburb’s 148,000 residents to fit different budgets as well as a thriving job market in industries like healthcare, education and defence.

Homeowners here also enjoy easy access to both the coast and the Hills, as well as plenty of recreational activities, parks and playgrounds.


Cooloongup is located in the City of Rockingham, one of the outer southern suburbs of Perth. In comparison to suburbs closer to the city, Cooloongup is known for affordable housing for a range of budgets. There are several well-regarded schools in the area, including Rockingham Senior High School and Living Waters Lutheran College. Families can also spend time enjoying the proximity to the stunning beaches and an outdoor lifestyle including parks, water sports and the mesmerising Shoalwater Islands Marine Park.

Many residents choose to make the 45-minute commute to Perth for work, but there are also plenty of local employment opportunities in industries such as retail, tourism and construction so you can spend more time enjoying your new suburban lifestyle.

TASMANIA: New Norfolk

Known by locals for its charm and close-knit community, New Norfolk is home to just over 6,000 happy Tasmanians. Housing prices in New Norfolk are among some of the most affordable in Australia. Running along the banks of the River Derwent, and overlooked by mountain forest reserves on every side, there’s nowhere else quite like New Norfolk.

Families have easy access to primary and secondary education, including reputable schools like The Friends’ School and Mount Carmel College. There are also plenty of family-friendly amenities both in the local area and in Hobart, which is just a 40-minute drive away.

There are plenty of employment opportunities in Hobart’s growing economy, including jobs in tourism, hospitality, agriculture and the creative arts.

 Best Australian Locations To Move House


By considering factors such as proximity to essential amenities, employment opportunities, and housing affordability, Australian families can make informed decisions that suit the lifestyle they want for their families when they move home. Of course, there is no ‘perfect suburb’. The best place for you to live is completely unique to you and your family. We’ve explored some of our favourite spots in this blog, but if you are about to embark on your own journey of finding the perfect suburb, you should do some further research by talking to real estate professionals who can provide tailored guidance based on your specific requirements.

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