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How long does it take to connect electricity to my new home?

There’s a lot on your plate when you decide to move home or business premises, and arranging your utilities for your new place should be high up on the list.

This article will take you step by step through the process of connecting electricity to your new home so that you have the best electricity plan in place and the lights switched on in time for moving day.

You can also take a look at our comprehensive moving checklist to help you with your move.

In this article:

  • Connect electricity timeline
  • Compare electricity plans
  • Notify your current provider
  • Book your new electricity connection
  • Same day and urgent connections

Connect electricity timeline

Happily, as long as you know where to start, moving your electricity should be reasonably straightforward, and if you are staying with the same provider, it can be done in under a week. 

However, we recommend giving yourself and your electricity provider as much notice as possible so you have time to address any last-minute delays or issues.

Following this timeline will give you plenty of breathing space for any surprises and free up your time to concentrate on all the other items on your moving list.

4 weeks before the move

  • Compare electricity and gas plans for your new home.
  • Book the disconnection with your current provider (minimum 1-week notice).
  • Pay outstanding bills.

3 weeks before the move

  • If you need a new meter or meter alteration at your new home, book a date with your new electricity provider.

2 weeks before the move

  • Sign up for an energy plan with your new chosen electricity provider.
  • Book an electricity connection date (minimum 5 days’ notice).

Compare electricity plans

Comparing energy plans is one of the first steps you should take when you plan your move. Moving home is the perfect time to review your energy usage and make sure your energy plan meets your needs. 

It’s important to keep in mind that your energy usage might be different in your new home. To find the perfect plan ask yourself the following:

  • How big is your new home?
  • How many people will live there?
  • Will anyone work from home?
  • What type of heating and cooling is used?
  • What type of hot water system is installed?
  • Are there solar panels?
  • Is there a smart meter installed?
  • Are there any heavy load items, such as under-floor heating or a swimming pool?

Using a comparison service like Move-In Connect can help you find the perfect plan for your new home. Our friendly team will recommend plans from our preferred providers that will save you money, based on your home’s unique needs.

Notify your current provider

Before you leave your current home, you need to notify your current electricity provider of your moving-out date. Once they have received notice, it is their responsibility to disconnect your electricity and provide you with an accurate final bill.

Make sure you book your disconnection for the day after you move out, so you aren’t left in the dark on moving day.

As part of the disconnection process, your electricity provider will perform a final meter read. Depending on the type of meter you have, this can be done remotely with a digital read from a smart meter, or they might send someone to your property to read an analogue metre. Your final bill will be based on this meter reading, and any charges after that date will be charged to the new residents.

It’s a good idea to also take note of the meter reading yourself by taking a time-stamped photo so that you have a record in case there is a discrepancy on your bill.

You will also need to provide your current provider with your new address and/or email address so they can issue the final bill.

Book your new electricity connection

Once you have chosen an electricity provider and plan, you can book your connection date. 

If you are being connected to a property with an existing electricity connection, most providers need a minimum of five days’ notice to make sure you can be connected on time, but it doesn’t hurt to get in early to avoid delays.

If you need a brand new connection or a meter alteration, the timelines can be longer, so make sure you contact Move-In Connect in plenty of time. If you are installing a new connection, the service provider will need to notify the retailer once the supply connection is complete so that your meter can be installed. This is usually within six days of being notified, or on your chosen date. 

For meter alterations, the work is usually completed within five business days if you have agreed on a date, otherwise within 15 business days from when you agreed to the meter exchange.

In most states, you don’t need to be home for your connection, but you will need to make sure the main switch is turned off if a technician is required for a new connection.

Depending on your retailer and the terms of your electricity plan, you might need to pay a connection fee. This will usually be charged on the first bill you receive from your new provider. If you have scheduled the connection ahead of time, this fee is usually between $10 and $100, but fees do vary between retailers.

Urgent and same-day connections

We recommend contacting Move-In Connect four weeks before your move, to give us plenty of time to find you the best plan and schedule your connection ahead of time.

However, if time has gotten away from you, or unforeseen circumstances have left you in a tricky spot, don’t worry, you won’t be left without power. 

Most retailers can arrange a same-day connection for your new home, however, you will have to pay an additional fee. The fee varies between retailers but can be as much as $400. 

Call us immediately on 1300 786 045 if you need an urgent electricity connection and our team will help you get connected.

What’s next?

If you have a move coming up, you don’t need to wait to plan your new electricity connection. Get ahead of the game by calling Move-In Connect on 1300 786 045 or enter your details online and we’ll take care of the rest.

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