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Moving Offices? Our Moving Utilities Services Can Help Save Time And Money

If you are moving offices to a new location, it’s the perfect time to review your expenses by comparing electricity plans and saving money with a new NBN connection. Your new office will probably have different utility requirements to your current premises, whether you are upsizing, downsizing or just moving to a new location, so it’s important to find the best plans for your new set of needs.

Using a professional comparison and moving service like Move-In Connect will make you some big savings, both in time and money, and free you up to concentrate on more important things!

Using a professional comparison and moving service like Move-In Connect will make you some big savings, both in time and money, and free you up to concentrate on more important things!

On this page

  • Know your office needs
  • Set yourself up for success with an energy-saving policy
  • Compare business electricity plans
  • Compare the best NBN providers
  • Move with ease

Know your office needs

Every office space is unique, so the first step is to understand exactly what you need to make your space comfortable and productive. This can be tricky when you are assessing a space you haven’t worked in before, but it’s an important step so you don’t end up paying for inclusions that you don’t need.

Know your office needs

The process of assessing your energy needs is called an energy audit. You can either do this yourself or use a consultant to do it for you. You can also ask your retailer if they include an energy audit as part of their business plan features.

An energy audit should include:

  • The highest demand hours and days
  • Heavy-load appliances, equipment and business activities
  • Solar energy generation
  • The energy efficiency rating of the building
  • Areas of energy wastage 
  • Areas of potential savings

Once you have a clear picture of these factors, you will be able to find an energy plan to match. Remember, your energy usage will fluctuate in response to the season, business activities and energy-saving policies, so you should conduct an audit at least every 12 months to stay on top of your new property’s electricity and gas plans.

Set yourself up for success with an energy-saving policy

To keep your utility bills as low as possible, you should implement an energy saving policy for your new premises. You might have an existing one you can adapt, or you might need to start from scratch. Below are some ideas to make your policy impactful.

  • All computers and laptops powered down when not in use (rather than standby/sleep mode)
  • Heating and cooling system run on a timer
  • All lights turned off when not in use – consider motion sensors and timers
  • Use natural lighting whenever possible
  • Use high-load appliances in off-peak energy periods where feasible

Make sure your employees are trained in the policy and updated if any changes are made so that they can help save energy in your workplace. 

There are also several investments you can make to your new premises to reduce your energy usage in the long term. These require an initial investment but will make a significant saving over time:

  • PV solar panels and solar batteries
  • Energy-efficient, ducted air conditioning
  • High-quality insulation and door and window seals
  • Laptops instead of desktop computers.
  • Energy-efficient lighting with a timer or motion sensor
  • Energy-efficient refrigerators
  • Timers and master powerboards

Compare business electricity plans

To find the best energy plan for your office’s new electricity connection, look for providers with small business or commercial plans. These plans usually include extras such as a dedicated account manager, free energy audits, incentives for energy efficiency and business rewards, such as reward points.

Some of our favourite plans to connect electricity and gas to your business are in the table below:

Compare business electricity plans

*based on the provider’s average usage estimates for small business customers on the Citipower network (postcode 3000). Prices are correct in November 2022.

^based on the provider’s average usage estimates for small business customers on the Evoenergy network (postcode 2600). Prices are correct in November 2022.

To compare electricity in Victoria you should look for plans that are less than the government’s reference price. A market offer will be shown as a percentage of the Victorian Default Offer (VDO), to help you compare electricity plans between retailers when moving your electricity connection.

In New South Wales, South-East Queensland and South Australia, the government’s reference price is called the Default Market Offer (DMO). In the ACT it is simply referred to as the reference price.

If your offices also need a new gas connection, a bundled deal is often the best value option for your energy usage needs.

Compare the best NBN providers

Connecting broadband to an NBN plan or 5G office network is an essential part of maintaining productivity in your new offices, so you want to make sure the move goes off without any downtime.

When moving broadband, contact your retailer as early as possible so they can confirm that the physical connection is ready to go and you don’t get stuck with costly delays.

Compare the best NBN providers

Some of our favourite options for your new offices are in the table below:

Move with ease

If you’ve followed these steps to prepare for your move, then it should be a breeze! Planning is key to a successful move and can make sure your new offices are set up in time so you don’t lose productivity in the process.

A Move-In Connect expert can help to compare electricity providers as well as gas and NBN plans, arrange the connections to your new business premises and even book removalists and storage space if you need them!

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