Office Move Made Easy: (Expert Tips) Move Fast, Avoid Downtime
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How Do I Move My Office To A New Location?

Moving offices is a big deal for your business. It can present an opportunity for growth, improved efficiency, and a fresh start. However, it’s not always easy! Moving offices can be complex and challenging if you don’t follow the right process. 

On this page, we share our expert advice to arm you with the knowledge to move offices and avoid downtime or lost productivity. From selecting a professional removalist company to finding the right electricity providers and NBN connections to save you money, we’ll cover it all. 


  • Reasons To Move Offices
  • What To Consider When Moving Offices
  • Choosing The Right Office Movers
  • Compare And Connect Energy For Your Business
  • Compare And Connect Internet For Your Business

Reasons to Move Offices

Reasons to Move Offices

The decision to move office locations is not one that businesses take lightly. There are several things that might lead to the decision to make the move.

  • Your lease has expired – the end of a lease is the perfect time to assess whether your location is still right for your business, or whether your business needs can be better serviced somewhere else.
  • Cost savings – your overhead costs may have become unsustainable in your current location, so moving to a more affordable office space with similar amenities may be a strategic cost-saving decision.
  • Growing team and operational needs – as your business grows, your need for space might grow too, meaning you need to find larger premises to work from.
  • A better location – moving to a more accessible location in a prime area could increase your foot traffic and boost the visibility of your business.
  • A fresh start – you might have reached the right time to relaunch your business, reorganise your workflows and re-energise your team. Starting fresh in a new location can help you achieve this.

What To Consider When Moving Offices

If you have decided that an office move is on the cards, these are the 3 most important considerations to make sure your relocation goes off without a hitch.

  • Plan ahead

You should start the planning process 6 to 12 months before you move to allow time to find the right location, organise key documents such as licences and insurance, plan the logistics, such as your business electricity plans and high speed internet, and book your moving services.

  • Budget

You need to carefully work out a realistic budget for your move, including factors such as moving companies, equipment set up and the cost of downtime. Overspending on your move could have a real impact on the profitability of your business, so it’s important to do the proper research to get this step right.

  • Communication

Your employees will need to be kept in the loop, including accurate information about timelines, expectations and their role in the move. In addition, if customers or clients visit your business, you must clearly communicate your new location to them ahead of time.

Choosing The Right Office Movers

Finding the right removalist company for your office move is crucial. Professional office movers are different to companies you might use when moving home, and it pays to use a company that understands your unique needs. 

Office movers specialise in efficiently relocating businesses to reduce downtime. They can handle the packing, transport, unpacking and specialist items like confidential documents, technology and machinery. They can also help you plan your new office space to improve workflow and productivity.

What other costs will there be when I move house?

How much do professional office movers cost?

Relocating your business can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $15,000, depending on factors like distance, the size of your office, the type of service required and the flexibility of the timing. With such a price range, it’s important to get multiple written quotes to make sure your move stays on budget.

How do I move sensitive and confidential documents?

If you need to move confidential customer information or sensitive business documents, make sure your moving company offers this service and include it in your quote. They will use specialised packing materials and secure transport to move important files. They can also arrange secure storage if necessary.

How do I move computers and technology?

As well as physically moving computers from A to B, there’s a lot of time and expert knowledge that goes into preparing them for the move and reconnecting them at the other end. You need to make sure all your data is backed up and use specialised packing materials for the move. If you don’t have an IT team that can handle this, you should use professional services to make sure your technology arrives in good working order.

It’s also important to make sure your new NBN connection or wireless broadband is connected on time so your technology can be set up on Day 1.

How do I arrange my new office space

Professional office movers can help you plan your new space to make sure it works for you and your team. This could include factors such as natural light, ergonomics and collaboration areas to make the most of your new business home and boost productivity.

Connect Energy For Your Business

Don’t fall into the expensive trap of assuming that your current electricity and gas plans are the best option for your new premises. Moving is the perfect time to shop around for business energy providers and find one that suits your new needs.

Find the right plan to connect electricity and gas

Your new office space will probably have different energy needs to the one you have left. You might need more lighting or heating/cooling or you might have grown your business and have more technology or machinery to power. 

Finding the right power supplier to fit your business needs can save you hundreds of dollars every year, so it’s important to take the time to research your options to find the best electricity and gas plan.

Several retailers offer a free energy audit for business energy customers, which will give you valuable insights into how to best use and save energy. Find out more in our guide: Compare And Connect Electricity For Your Business.

Be energy efficient

You should put together an energy efficiency plan for your new workplace. This could include energy policies for your team, such as powering down computers at the end of each day and turning off lights. As well as policies, you should consider investing in energy-efficient upgrades with things like window insulation, timers for the air conditioning and lighting and solar panels to reduce the drain on your electricity and gas connection.

Connect Broadband Internet For Your Business

Connect Broadband Internet For Your Business

Having an internet plan set up from the first day in your new location is one of the most essential factors to avoid losing productivity. Whether it’s to run a POS system, send and receive emails or work online, it’s very likely that your business depends on the ability to connect to internet in one way or another.

If your business needs have changed or grown, or if you have moved to a new area, you should compare internet providers to find one with business broadband connections that can meet your new needs. There might be different options available in your new area, such as a faster NBN connection type or a 5G internet network.

Many retailers also bundle business solutions with their internet plans, such as internet security, team mobile plans, phone systems and POS solutions. You might even be able to connect power with the same providers to have all your utility connections with one company.


Moving offices is often an exciting time – a result of growth or the chance for a new start. By finding the right professional help for your move you can make sure you minimise downtime and manage your utility costs. Remember to start planning well ahead of time and keep your team informed every step of the way to make sure the move is a success. 

For more advice or to get started with your move, talk to Move-In Connect. Our moving experts can find the right office movers and help you compare electricity and gas plans to connect energy and find the best broadband plans to get online from the very first day.