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We have carefully selected a panel of retailers so that we can connect you to the best internet provider QLD. Find out more about each of our providers by clicking on the links below.


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With over 150 companies on the market each with multiple plans on offer, finding the best internet provider in Brisbane is not for the faint-hearted! When you talk to an internet expert at Move-In Connect, we will guide you through the decision-making process to find the best option for you from our panel of providers. We will talk to you about the following factors.


Fast speeds cost more money, so the best advice we can give is to only pay for what you need. Use the guide below to help you decide which speed tier is best for you.

0 – 5 Mbps

  • Browse the internet
  • Listen to music 
  • Check social media
  • Check emails
  • Make phone calls

5 – 40 Mbps

  • Stream standard definition content – watch Netflix or other tv shows and movie platforms
  • Make a video call
  • Play one-player online games

40 – 100 Mbps

  • Stream high-definition content
  • Download large files
  • Play multiplayer online games

100 – 500 Mbps

  • Stream multiscreen, ultra-high-definition content
  • Fast file downloads
  • Play enhanced multiplayer online games

500 – 1,000 Mbps

  • Stream multiscreen 4K video content
  • Fast file downloads
  • Play enhanced multiplayer online games, including AR and VR
  • Multi-tasking

Find out more here: How to Choose the Right Internet Speed


Most of the plans we recommend come with an unlimited data allowance, however, if you are a particularly light internet user, you could save money with a capped data plan.Use the guide below to help calculate how much data you need on your plan.

  • Streaming services for movies and shows – approx 1GB per hour (up to 7 GB per hour for 4K)
  • Music streaming services – approx 140 MB per hour
  • Working from home – up to 20 GB per file download
  • Social Media – approx 180 MB per hour
  • Voice and Video calls – approx 36 MB per hour

Talk to Move-In Connect to find broadband plans Brisbane with the right data limit for your budget.

Connection type

The most common types of home internet connection for broadband deals Brisbane are wireless 4G or 5G and fixed broadband, such as the NBN.The connection type you can choose depends on where you live. You can talk to an expert at Move-In Connect to find out which options are available for you.

  • Can my home get NBN plans Queensland?

The NBN is now available in most parts of South-East Queensland as well as regional and rural areas. The type of NBN available depends on where you live. Your home will be connected by high-speed fibre optic cables, existing copper wires, HFC or satellite. Find out more here: What Are The Different NBN Connection Types 

  • Brisbane NBN plans vs 5G

5G is a great high-speed alternative to the NBN for your home internet needs. You can read a thorough comparison to decide which is best for you here: QLD NBN plans compare with 5G


Several energy companies offer Queenslanders bundled plans that can be a really affordable way to have electricity, gas, phone and internet all in one.

Another option for great internet deals Brisbane is a Foxtel NBN bundle, which gives you unlimited high-speed NBN with your choice of channel pack.

Contract type

You can choose between fixed-term or flexible contracts for your new plan. A fixed-term contract often includes benefits such as a free modem, $0 set up or a lower monthly rate, whereas a flexible contract includes no exit fees and the option to switch providers without penalties if you are moving home or looking for a cheaper deal.

We have compiled some of the best NBN deals QLD and some of our favourite 5G options. But don’t forget, there’s plenty more out there! Give us a call to find a plan that suits your needs.


Best feature

Cost per month*

Optus 5G Plus Entertainer Superfast $0 start-up fee and Netflix included. $10 off for the first 6 months.


TPG FTTB Bundle Perfect for renters, no lock-in contract plus WiFi modem. $10 off for the first 6 months.


Tangerine NBN XXL Speed Boost 14-day free trial. Option to bundle home phone and mobile.


More Telecom 100/40 Speed Boost NBN Exclusive discounts for CommBank customers – $76.30 per month for the first 12 months.


Aussie Broadband NBN Family Pack Award winning customer service. Includes four mobile SIM cards.


Foxtel Unlimited Broadband + Platinum Plus + Netflix $0 set up fee, 1-month free broadband and a free WiFi 6 modem on a 12-month contract


*Correct in February 2023

Whether you are moving house or just looking for Brisbane NBN providers to give you a better deal, Move-In Connect will make it quick and easy! Move-In Connect’s comparison and connection services are 100% free and with our expert knowledge and panel of leading providers, we can save you days of research as well as lots of money!

  1. Enter your details online or call one of our experts on 1300 786 045.
  2. We’ll compare plans from our preferred suppliers and recommend a home internet provider that suits your needs and budget.
  3. Choose your favourite plan. If you decide to switch, we’ll take care of all the arrangements to get your home connected.
  4. Receive a Welcome Pack from your new provider – make sure you follow the set-up instructions carefully to get the most out of your new connection.
  5. If you are new to the NBN, your retailer will be in touch to arrange installation.
  6. Relax and enjoy your new connection!

Read more here: Finding the Best NBN Provider QLDAnd don’t forget, in the same easy phone call, we can compare electricity, gas and Pay TV to make moving home a breeze!