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Moving Interstate in Australia: Save Big and Avoid Stress When You Move Home

Moving interstate should be an exciting time, with a brand new lifestyle waiting for you at the end. But for the estimated 340,000 Australians who move home to a new state every year, the thought of the work ahead can seem daunting. Don’t worry, we are moving experts and on this page we’re going to share our best strategies for handling an interstate move like a professional.

From the first stages of planning, through to the day you move into your new house, we’ve brought together our most useful advice for every step of the process, including all the nitty gritty details like how to connect power in time for your move and how to find the best internet providers in your new state. We won’t just save you time, we’ll also show you how to save money along the way. 


  • What does it mean to move interstate?
  • Is moving homes interstate hard?
  • Planning your interstate move
  • Checklist: What do you need to do when moving interstate?
  • Moving utility connections: Electricity and gas plans and broadband connections
  • How much money should you have to move home interstate?

What Does It Mean To Move Interstate?

What Does It Mean To Move Interstate

Moving interstate refers to moving homes from one state to another within Australia. Usually, it refers to a long-distance move rather than a short move across state borders.

Due to the long distances, there are some inherent challenges involved in an interstate move compared to moving locally, such as settling into an unfamiliar area, moving jobs and schools and setting up a new home in a different region. 

Is Moving Homes Interstate Hard?

Moving interstate can seem like a challenging prospect, but with the right planning and some expert advice, it can be an enjoyable and exciting time. Some of the hardest obstacles you will need to overcome, above and beyond the ones involved in a local move, include searching for a new home from afar, navigating a new school system, changing jobs, relocating pets and vehicles and dealing with the admin that comes with setting up a life in a new state, such as driver’s licences, car registration, the electoral roll and new power suppliers. You should make sure you understand and plan these tasks well ahead of your move to make life a little bit easier when you arrive.

Planning Your Interstate Move

The key to a stress-free interstate move is in the planning. These are our top 5 tips to plan for success.

    1. Decide on your budget: Moving can be expensive, so you should create a budget that covers all aspects of moving homes, such as packing materials, transport and any additional services. This will help you avoid any unpleasant shocks when it comes time to move.
    2. Find the right interstate moving company: Take the time to compare different moving companies, read customer reviews, and request quotes. Move-In Connect has partnered with some leading removalists who can meet your needs at an affordable price.
    3. Make a timeline: Create a clear timeline with deadlines for key milestones and tasks. This will help you stay organised and on track to make sure everything is ready for moving day.
    4. Declutter and donate: Taking the smallest amount of belongings possible will make your move cheaper and faster. Before packing, declutter your possessions and donate or sell items you won’t need in your new house. 
  • Book your utility connections: You’ll want your electricity and gas plan and wireless broadband to be connected before moving day, so you can relax and enjoy your new house on the day you arrive. You need to give your new providers at least five business days’ notice, so you should compare electricity and gas plans and internet providers around 2 weeks before you move homes.

By following these top tips you will put yourself on the right path to move interstate with ease. For help to compare your electricity and gas plans, find the best broadband plans and book your removalist, talk to one of our friendly moving experts today.

Checklist: What do you need to do when moving interstate?

Checklist What do you need to do when moving interstate

Keep this checklist handy to make sure you are well-prepared for moving day.

  • Book your removalists.
  • Plan your packing – are you using a valet packing service or DIY? Make sure you buy packing supplies ahead of time and organise your packing room by room.
  • Arrange transport and accommodation – consider pets and children.
  • Redirect your mail and update your address.
  • Transfer utility connections including electricity, gas, and internet providers.
  • Cancel or transfer memberships and subscriptions such as gyms, clubs, and magazine subscriptions.
  • Notify schools, doctors, and service providers.
  • Arrange for the transfer of important documents including medical records, school records, and any other crucial documents.
  • Secure important valuables and documents such as passports, birth certificates, and financial documents to keep with you during the move.

Moving Utility Connections: Electricity and Gas Plans and Broadband Connections

Moving interstate can make moving utility connections a little trickier than usual. There might be different retailers available and different costs involved to connect power to your new home, which can make the whole process very time-consuming.

But moving house is a great opportunity to find a cheaper deal for your electricity and gas plan and high speed internet, so it’s important to take the time to find the right providers. A Move-In Connect expert can help you find an affordable plan to suit the needs of your new home from our panel of preferred suppliers. 

Below are some important things to consider.


  • Which providers are available in your new state? While some power suppliers are nationwide, many electricity and gas providers only offer services in certain regions.
  • Does your new home have solar panels?
  • Is your home connected to the gas mains or LPG?
  • What are the off-peak times and tariffs available?


  • Is your new home NBN ready?
  • What type of NBN connection technology is available?
  • Are you eligible for the FTTP upgrade scheme for super high speed internet?
  • Is 5G internet available in your new area?
  • Which carriers have good mobile coverage in your new area?

If you are unsure about any of these questions, call Move-In Connect and we can help you find out all about the services available in your new state. 

How much money should you have to move home interstate?

How to Do a Local Move

The total cost of your move could be anywhere from $5,000 to $11,000, depending on the specifics of your particular move. As you would expect, longer moves with more items will usually cost you more.

The guide below is based on a self-packing move for a two-bedroom house with professional removalists.

  • Sydney to Melbourne – $1,350
  • Sydney to Brisbane – $1,275
  • Melbourne to Perth – $3,250

In addition, you will need to budget for flights or driving expenses, temporary accommodation, insurance, pet relocation and temporary boarding, rubbish removal and setting up utility connections.

Follow these tips to save money on your move, without compromising on quality service.

  • Donate or sell as much as possible before you move.
  • Use a reputable moving company – this could save you in the long run with inclusions such as moving insurance and quality packing materials.
  • Get moving quotes in writing to avoid nasty surprises on the final bill.
  • If possible, move in off-peak times – avoid holidays and weekends.
  • If possible, have your new house move-in ready to avoid storage and temporary accommodation costs.

While moving interstate will, unfortunately, never be cheap, following these tips can help make your move more budget-friendly so you can spend your money on the important things you need to make your new house feel like home.


Moving interstate in Australia can be an exciting and enjoyable experience with the right planning in place. By following the tips and advice from our experts, you can save both time and money while reducing stress for you and your family. 

Planning ahead, decluttering, and finding the right removalists will help to ensure a hassle-free move. Additionally, don’t forget to compare and book your new utility connections, including electricity and gas plans and high speed internet services, so you can start settling in from the moment you arrive. 

We can lighten your load by finding you the right removalists and utility providers to meet your needs for an affordable price. We will compare deals from our preferred panel of providers including EnergyAustralia, ActewAGL, Covau, Tango Energy, Blue NRG, Energy Locals, Optus, TPG, Foxtel, Tangerine, More Telecom, Aussie Broadband.

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