How long does it take to connect electricity and gas?
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How long does it take to connect gas and electricity?

Moving home is both exciting and stressful. There’s nothing worse than moving and realising you forgot your electricity and gas connections. Then, going to phone someone, only to discover you have no internet connection. One of the most important tasks when moving home is connecting utilities.

But how long does it take to connect utilities? This blog outlines the average time to connect electricity, gas, and the internet. It helps you understand how to make the utility connection process seamless for your move.

Average Time for Connection Services

The average time to connect electricity and gas varies by location and provider. It takes about 1-5 business days to connect electricity and 1-10 days to connect gas properly at your new location. These timeframes include provider application, installation, and service activation. Be mindful that these are estimates, and actual times can vary.

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Factors That Affect Connection Time

Several factors impact the time taken to connect electricity and gas:

  • Location:
    • Remote or regional areas may experience connection delays due to limitations in infrastructure and resources. If you’re moving to a rural area, plan to avoid delays.
  • Provider:
    • Each provider has a different process and timeline for connecting new services. Research your utility providers and pick the one that best suits your needs.
  • Time of year:
    • Peak moving periods (i.e., summer) can impact connection times. Providers experience higher requests, which may result in longer wait times.

Speed Up the Process


How to Speed Up the Process

Although the wait times for connecting energy and gas may seem lengthy, there are ways to speed up the process:

  • Plan:
    • Planning and applying to your chosen provider as soon as possible is crucial. This gives providers time to process and schedule installation or set up their service.
  • Choose a provider with a quick turnaround time:
    • As mentioned, research your provider for a quick turnaround for new property connections. Providers have different processes and timelines; seek the ones that suit your timeline.
  • Be available for installation:
    •  Maximise your availability to avoid service delays. Ensure someone over 18 years old is available for technicians requiring home access.
  • Consider using a connection service:
    • Save time and the hassle of setting up new home connections; use a home connection service. They can sort out all your utilities for you, simplifying your move. Home connection services work with a list of preferred providers and can find utility providers that suit your needs. Some home connection companies can make emergency connections and connect your utility services within 24 hours.

Now that you know the basics, let’s explore additional information to help you get your new home utility connection.

Understanding Connection Fees:

Ensure you understand any connection fees associated with connecting your electricity and gas—most energy providers to free swaps. Internet and NBN connection, on the other hand, typically requires set-up fees associated with modems. Some older properties may also require technician access to install NBN cables. Before selecting a utility provider, take time to research potential costs.

Connection Fees

Options for Temporary Accommodations:

Temporary utility connections and services are available for those moving home for the short term. These connections provide essential services on a short-term basis and save you the hassle of service cancellations.

Notification of Previous Occupancy:

Notify utility providers of previous occupancy or existing connections at your new property. This can streamline the connection process, ensuring smooth transfer or activation services. Accurate information on the status of utility connections at your new property can minimise connection delays.

Monitoring Connection Progress:

Monitor application status and communication with providers to stay informed about the progress of your energy and NBN connections. Some providers have online portals where you can track your connection status. Monitoring progress can help you identify connection issues and prevent delays, ensuring a seamless new home connection.

Relocation Assistance Services:

Check whether you qualify for relocation assistance services. Utility and energy retailers or government agencies provide these and can help facilitate your moving process. These services help simplify utility connections, ensuring a smooth transition to your new property.

Continued Support After Connection:

Your relationship with utility providers doesn’t end once your new home connection is complete. Ongoing communication can help you manage bills, report service issues, and update account details. The additional support can be a massive incentive for many customers.

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Key considerations for your new home connection:

So, you need to sort out your:

  • Internet provider;
  • Electricity provider; &
  • Gas provider.

It should take 1-5 days to connect electricity and 1-10 days to connect gas. Utility connection times vary and are impacted by location, provider, and time of year.

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About the Author:

Raised in far North Queensland, Elsie moved to Melbourne, Victoria, 10 years ago and hasn’t looked back. She has a degree in business and communications. Elsie is passionate about transparent communication, loves research, and enjoys helping people understand the utility comparison industry.